Disappointed that someone who was doing so well really wants to carry on harming themselves by finding themselves down another bottle.It fucking sucks when you care about a persons well being and in the back of your head you’re scared there gonna die,everyones gonna end up rotting in the same earth but it shouldn’t be cut short,not this way.

Hopefully some shows that i’m gonna hit :Jabberwocky London 15th Aug

Hexis Brighton 27th sept

The Defiled Brighton Audio 28th

Fields Of Nephelim London 06th Dec

Dan:i don’t think they sell it at boots
but if they did, they could call it boots-kake

Search and purchasing epicac


dissonantwalrus tiddiemeat420 please listen to this band from where I live they broke up now but were deadly serious at the time

Stef and skimpeys band actually had a decent gig tour,but this was our reading scene at one point :P

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Fallujah’s recent album “The Flesh Prevails” definitely atmospheric and an energetic energy feel to it.Kick.Arse.




Yami Shibai - Ghost stories

Saving up for this little cutie.

Hopefully catching new Deafheavan riffs at Jabberwocky with my vorpal father meth-grippin

Craaaab people

Craaaab people

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